Battlefield 1: Day two

Still loving it! What an amazing gaming experience. As mentioned before, the graphics are hyper-realistic and the pace is perfect for an old ass gamer like me.

I finished the desert campaign (blowing up the train is quite difficult…if you hear the bellowing horn move your butt) and started the aerial campaign. I’ve managed to clear the ground of flak cannons in the 2nd objective, but then my daughter came in and I skipped back to the desert levels to show her the realism. We’ve actually been to Wadi Rum and recognized some of the landmarks. You might be surprised to learn that the land bridge in the game exists in real life.

After showing her the desert campaign I decided to try my hand at multiplayer…and now I need to see a therapist. I’ve never been beaten so badly in a multiplayer game in my life. Is it old age? Ring rust? Whatever the reason, it was quite humbling.

When I first joined the game, the previous round was ending and they were harassing some poor shlub named “undeadly” for living up to his name. He had 2 kills and 10 deaths. I smirked and said “What a noob!”

Then the next map loaded and I proceeded to get my ass whipped form pillar to post…final tally was 0 kills and 14 deaths. If I remember correctly I only hit 2 enemies, killing neither. Sheesh.

Rather than quit in embarrassment I persevered and moved on the 2nd map where I did a little better…2 kills and a gaggle of deaths. I’m not sure of the exact number.

The third round was my best attempt…4 kills and 5 deaths and I felt pretty good about myself. The maps on multiplayer are mind-blowing! They are so vast and detailed and seem to be set up perfectly for gameplay…except the jungle map. I hated that map.

And btw…I finally went to be at 1:30 AGAIN. What the hell am I doing to myself. I had to take a nap in the car at lunch today.

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