Battlefield 1 – I’m hooked!

I broke down and bought Battlefield 1 last night at 10 pm. I argued with myself for days about wasting the money on another game like Infinite Warfare, but ultimately my wallet lost the argument and I bought it.

I am a PC gamer so I was surprised to learn that I had to install Origin first. WTF is happening here? You can’t play games anymore without a gateway between your computer and the games? I have to have steam, Origin, GeForce Experience…what happened to the old days of just buying a game on cd or dvd, installing it and gaming your life away? I digress…

Why do I have to install so much stuff to play a game?

The Origin install is fast enough. I had to create a new account which I ALWAYS find annoying. I was then able to purchase Battlefield 1 via Paypal. I was a bit surprised at how hard they were trying to up sell me the Deluxe version of the game…somehow I resisted. We recently upgraded our internet service to ATT Giga so the game download was relatively fast and it helps that you can start playing after 32% is downloaded.

After 10 minutes of downloading Battlefield 1 I was able to click play…and disovered that the drivers for my Geforce 1080 are out of date. It took longer to download and install the Geforce drivers than it did the game itself. ANNOYING. This is a BRAND NEW PC…I just want to play a game!

Ok, drivers updated, game downloaded, computer rebooted…time to play…at 11:30 pm. Dammit, work is going to be rough tomorrow.

The gameplay is the perfect pace for realists like me.

From the very first intro scene I was hooked. This is my style of game! The graphics are some of the best I’ve ever seen and the game play is damn near ideal.

The game starts by telling the story of WW1. You quickly get a sense of the massive death toll and the utter waste of human life. Within the first 10 minutes you play and die as 4-5 different characters. I may go back and play this again and try to survive longer, but I got the sense that they want you to die quickly so you get the message.

Once you get past the initial story telling and light gameplay you can select the campaign you want to play. I chose the Middle East campaign because I lived in Jordan for 9 years and am quite familiar with the story of Lawrence of Arabia. The first campaign story finds you in the desert at the scene of a derailed train. Stealth and finesse is the objective and I passed this level easily.

More to report to later…I finished playing at 1:30 am and had a hell of a time getting out of bed this morning. To make a long story short, I LOVE THIS GAME.

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