Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a big stinking turd.

As part of my much bally-hooed return to gaming I decide to purchase the latest Call of Duty. What a hot messy pile of crap…and a complete waste of $60.

The graphics are great on my new PC, but I don’t much care for the gameplay. It’s too fast and futuristic. My favorite Call of Duty thus far has been World at War. I just dig the old-style realistic weapons and normal pace. Infinite Warfare has none of that character.

Truth be told, I bought Infinite Warfare primarily to play zombies and multiplayer. I was a big fan of wager matches, gun game, sticks and stones, etc. Imagine my surprise at learning that there are no wager matches, I have to wait an hour to find a team deathmatch game, and the zombie mode features Peewee Herman and lots of neon. I just sat staring at my screen like “wtf?”

The zombies levels have ZERO mood, none of the creepiness that we loved so much in the original and of course too many flashing lights and sounds. You can’t even hear the zombies breaking the boards off the windows.

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