Frag McNasty is back!

I am gaming again with Oculus, Alienware and a lot of snacks.

Guess who is returning to gaming after a 7 year layoff! I started hardcore gaming in 1982 with the VECTREX gaming system and stopped in 2010 when I lost interest in Nazi Zombies. I was one of the top solo Nazi Zombies players in the world in 2009, reaching super high levels on Nacht Der Untoten with no glitching or cheating of any sort.

I guess I am a purist, but for me the best level and gameplay in the history of zombie games is the first level we all played: Nacht Der Untoten. It was creepy and exhilarating and addictive. I was hooked the first time I played…so much so that I immediately went out and registered this domain…NaziZombies.com.

From day 1 I was addicted to the zombies in World at War. I would come home from work and sit immediately on my computer and kill zombies until 3 in the morning. I repeated this every night for almost 2 years.

I don’t remember the highest level I reached but I do remember it was ridiculous and when I discussed it online everyone accused me of cheating. I was seriously an addict.

Everyone knows I slowly grew annoyed with the direction that Treyarch was taking the zombies franchise. Me and the 15k daily users on the site were lobbying hard for a stand-alone version of Nazi Zombies. We signed petitions, emailed and discussed ad nauseum the fact that we needed a stand-alone zombies game.

Instead we got pack-a-punch, crappy maps, teddy bears and the like. I was super disappointed in the zombie updates so I basically quit gaming altogether for 7 years.

Fastforward to 6 months ago and I suddenly had the urge to play video games again. I started researching new games, systems, pc’s etc. until I stumbled upon an article about Oculus Rift. The idea of shooting bad guys in virtual reality was exciting at 2 pm I decided to check out BestBuy.com to see if they had the Oculus Rift. It turns out they had the Rift in stock, but I needed a PC that would support it. So I did more research and found a different Best Buy that had Rift and a decent gaming pc I could bundle and save a few bucks.

I ditched work at 3pm and headed Best Buy to buy a rift and a mid-level Alienware PC. I got there asked them to unlock the Rift cabinet, got my rift and asked for the model of Alienware I had chosen. The guy at Best Buy offered another option…an open-box Alienware system that was a step-up from the one I had chosen but at the same price. I jumped at the idea, went to checkout and the manager gave me ANOTHER 5% off the purchase price. Essentially I got a $1800 pc for $1300 and a new Oculus Rift.

Long story short, here it is a week later and I am ADDICTED to VR games…specifically Dead and Buried. It has the potential to be the coolest game I have ever played! I am a friggin’ skeleton with 2 six-shooters! It’s the game I dreamed of as a child when we played cowboys and Indians.

Frag McNasty is back!
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