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We have been analyzing clues from the Call of Duty WWII reveal yesterday as a way to learn more about the potential Nazi Zombies mode and as a result, we have come across some exciting information.

Some astute users have noticed that there were letter groups embedded in tweets from Sledgehammer’s reveal stream.When put together they spelled out CAL LOF DUT Y.C IED or Call Of Duty Classified. Visiting redirects the user to where you can find a WWII era decoder.

Further research revealed a code in Sledgehammer’s reveal stream images:IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA

When you enter the 5 letters codes, the decoder returns this:

A New

Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Decoder 1


Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Decoder 2


Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Decoder 3








Once you have entered the codes and unlocked the site, you are taken to a folder where 2 photos are revealed.

The first picture reference Barbarossa, a famous Nazi operation during WWII.

On June 22, 1941, Adolf Hitler launched his armies eastward in a massive invasion of the Soviet Union: three great army groups with over three million German soldiers, 150 divisions, and three thousand tanks smashed across the frontier into Soviet territory. The invasion covered a front from the North Cape to the Black Sea, a distance of two thousand miles. By this point German combat effectiveness had reached its apogee; in training, doctrine, and fighting ability, the forces invading Russia represented the finest army to fight in the twentieth century. Barbarossa was the crucial turning point in World War II, for its failure forced Nazi Germany to fight a two-front war against a coalition possessing immensely superior resources.

The second photo is of Raphael’s Portrait of A Young Man. According to Wikipedia, this painting wasstolen by the Nazis from Poland. Many historians regard it as the most important painting missing since World War II.

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